Make-up Workshops in Italia

Make-up Workshops in Calcata (near Rome)

I run informal, small classes (4-10 women), in a friendly atmosphere covering different topics in make-up. A lesson cost £25 per person, and it lasts about 2-3 hours, depending on number of participants. Or you can chose an individual lesson ‘One – One’ for £40.

Next workshops:

Contact me for more details or to set a date for your lesson - charismaticmakeup@gmail.com
388 499 0513

What you need to know before coming to my Make-up class?

Ø  Bring your make-up bag, and small standing mirror.
Ø  I will check the products you're using, and we'll both decide if it's time for you to get a new foundation, new eye shadows or lipstick...
Ø  I will teach you how to achieve natural/fresh look, for a day make-up and we’ll also practice stronger/evening make-up (i.e smokey eyes). 
Ø  I will demonstrate and talk you through the most important steps in applying make-up (as below).

Steps in applying make-up:

1.Cleansing face/ Moisturising/Primer
5.Eyebrow shaping
6.Eyeshadow base/primer
10.Lip liner/lipstick

Ø  And don't worry, even if you have never applied make-up before, during the session you get to practice application, and I will explain exactly what you need to do, to get it right.

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